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  • A pair of ghostly hands surround a new Burger King Whopper that features black sauce underneath orange text reading, "Home of the Ghosts Whopper."
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    Retrieved from CNW Group/Burger King Canada on October 11, 2022
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    Burger King must face class action suit over Whopper size

    A federal judge denied the chain's efforts to scrap a complaint over the size of Whoppers in advertisements, which consumers claim made the burgers look 35% larger.

    By Updated Aug. 30, 2023
  • A fast food employee hands a brown bag to a waiting customer in a car.
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    kmatija via Getty Images
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    How 5 fast food chains are seeing late-night traffic grow

    Wendy's, Jack in the Box, McDonald's, Burger King and Taco Bell saw visits rise from Q1 to Q2, data finds.

    By , Aug. 25, 2023
  • Three sizes of plastic cups with the green Starbucks logo and plastic lids.
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    Courtesy of Starbucks
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    Starbucks and Turn Systems’ reusable cup pilot aims for waste reduction

    This is the coffee giant’s largest reusables test program so far, and findings could pave the way for a fully scaled, permanent program.

    By Katie Pyzyk • Aug. 23, 2023
  • Dunkin's Pumpkin spice lineup has debuted earlier and earlier in recent years.
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    Courtesy of Dunkin
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    You’re not imagining it — pumpkin spice drinks are rolling out earlier

    August is the new autumn in the coffee category, as giants like Starbucks and smaller players like Tim Horton’s push the fall flavor profile in their cold beverage categories. 

    By Updated Aug. 23, 2023
  • Cornell University clock tower and campus
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    Retrieved from Flickr user Clarice Oliveira on January 11, 2021
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    Cornell will not renew Starbucks contract amid student pressure

    The university’s agreement with the coffee giant ends in June 2025, and some students are counting Cornell’s decision to source a new vendor as win for organized labor. 

    By Aug. 18, 2023
  • A photo of people dining outside.
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    Byron Smith/Stringer/Getty Images News via Getty Images
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    NYC mayor signs permanent outdoor dining program into law

    Dining Out NYC addresses residents’ concerns about outdoor dining structures’ impact on sanitation and quality of life, and streamlines the process for restaurants to offer sidewalk and streetside service. 

    By Aug. 16, 2023
  • Wendy's is adding English muffin sandwiches to its breakfast menu on Aug. 22.
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    Courtesy of Wendy's
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    Wendy’s adds English muffin sandwiches to breakfast menu

    The chain’s new offerings are designed to encourage diners to visit during the morning daypart, which it believes can grow sales without added labor costs.

    By Aug. 14, 2023
  • Beyond Meat's The Beyond Burgers in their packaging.
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    (Drew Angerer/Staff) via Getty Images
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    Troubled Beyond Meat reduces 2023 outlook as revenues plummet by almost a third

    The plant-based meat company reported disappointing second quarter results as the brand struggles to educate consumers on the benefits of its products.

    By Elizabeth Flood • Aug. 10, 2023
  • Taco Bell is testing a new design for its Go Mobile stores, pictured here.
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    Courtesy of Taco Bell
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    Taco Bell tests new Go Mobile design focused on digital, delivery

    The model features a walk-up window for digital and delivery orders in a bid to ease late-night operational challenges and trim development costs.

    By Aug. 9, 2023
  • Wing Zone delivery
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    Permission granted by WIng Zone
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    Wing Zone unveils spinoff Hot Chicken concept in Las Vegas

    Wing Zone Hot Chicken and Wings Restaurant, which has one unit so far, is designed to capture consumer interest in the Nashville-inspired food.

    By Aug. 8, 2023
  • Ordering takeout and delivery convenience food from an online Asian restaurant delivery meal from a smart phone.
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    YinYang via Getty Images
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    Foodservice customers want delivery with a side of loyalty, survey says

    Over 70% of respondents to a Tillster report expect to earn or use rewards when ordering at an in-store kiosk, and more than half want to use them when ordering online.

    By Jessica Loder • Aug. 8, 2023
  • A photo of the exterior of a 7-Eleven.
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    Courtesy of 7-Eleven
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    7-Eleven adds limited-time wings flavor

    This marks the latest in a recent series of c-store food and beverage LTOs, with retailers like Rutter’s and Stewart’s also debuting seasonal or short-term items.

    By Jessica Loder • July 20, 2023
  • Customers at Dacha Beer Garden
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    Courtesy of Dacha Beer Garden
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    Is America ready for franchised beer gardens? Dacha thinks so.

    A 10-year-old beer garden in Washington, D.C., wants to plants its flag in new East Coast markets over the next five years.

    By July 19, 2023
  • A woman sits at a coffee table looking at a tablet.
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    andresr via Getty Images
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    Readers Respond: Menu price hikes aren’t scaring off diners

    Respondents to a Restaurant Dive survey raised prices to keep pace with higher costs, but operators have employed strategies to minimize the impact on their menus.

    By July 16, 2023
  • A stock image of a consumer examining a receipt.
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    Patpitchaya via Getty Images
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    Friday Feedback: How are you approaching menu pricing?

    This new series seeks reader input on pressing topics in the restaurant industry.

    By July 7, 2023
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images
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    Can opt-in rules help restaurants, diners stick to sustainable packaging?

    Consumer interest in biodegradable and reusable restaurant packaging is still growing, and a push to ditch single-use cutlery and condiments may spark bigger behavior changes.

    By Kristine Sherred • July 6, 2023
  • An image of a woman preparing bags for takeout in a restaurant
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    Dejan_Dundjerski via Getty Images
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    NRA: Only 24% of adult diners added alcohol to their off-premise orders in last 6 months

    A gap between diner interest in off-premise alcohol and actual ordering behavior suggests to-go alcohol sales could further expand, according to a report by the National Restaurant Association. 

    By June 29, 2023
  • Atosa Catering Equipment's prototype fry machine at the National Restaurant Association show on May 22, 2023.
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    Aneurin Canham-Clyne/Restaurant Dive
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    Deloitte: Customer acceptance of restaurant automation on the rise

    Diners are becoming more comfortable with smart kitchen and dining room solutions, which could help operators deploy such tech without hurting sales.

    By June 27, 2023
  • Stinker
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    Permission granted by Stinker Stores
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    How Stinker Stores is remodeling its stores to compete with QSRs

    Nearly two years after debuting its fresh food program, the Idaho-based retailer is revamping many of its locations — and building new ones — to position the meal stop front and center.

    By Brett Dworski • June 23, 2023
  • Some rainbow colored Starbucks cups.
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    Courtesy of Starbucks
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    Starbucks unionization efforts

    Some Starbucks cafes have removed Pride decor. Corporate says it hasn’t banned the practice.

    Confusion over Pride decoration policy has sparked tension between Starbucks and its union, as major brands like Target and Anheuser-Busch InBev face threats for their pro-LGBTQ marketing.

    By June 16, 2023
  • Marguerite Zabar Mariscal
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    Permission granted by Momofuku
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    8 questions with Momofuku CEO Marguerite Zabar Mariscal

    The exec talks to Food Dive about her rise from intern to CEO of the popular restaurant group and, more recently, the company’s expanding CPG business.

    By Judy McGuire • June 14, 2023
  • An image of Chick-fil-A's spicy chicken biscuit meal
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    Courtesy of Chick-fil-A
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    Chick-fil-A makes Spicy Chicken Biscuit permanent

    The morning breakfast sandwich is the chain’s most requested breakfast item and received positive customer feedback when it was offered in the past. 

    By June 12, 2023
  • Person holding up EV charger to car
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    coldsnowstorm via Getty Images
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    Are EV chargers right for your restaurant?

    There are a number of options that restaurant and franchise owners should consider, including charger type, cost and location.

    By Danielle McLean • June 7, 2023
  • A promotional image for Popeyes' blackened chicken sandwich.
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    Courtesy of Popeyes
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    Popeyes adds blackened chicken sandwich to menu permanently

    The chicken sandwich, which succeeded as an LTO last year, is being marketed as a healthier entree that diners can enjoy every day. 

    By June 7, 2023
  • An image of a woman ordering from a restaurant website.
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    grinvalds via Getty Images
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    Report: Diners who order off restaurant websites tip better, order more often

    These digital customers are more likely to be loyalty members, Paytronix found, and have less time between repeat orders than third-party customers. 

    By June 5, 2023