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    Permission granted by Starbucks

    Ahead of Starbucks Union election, a look back at the campaign

    On Dec. 9, the National Labor Relations Board will count ballots from three Buffalo-area stores voting on unionization, and Restaurant Dive will be on the ground to cover the outcome.

    Nov. 30, 2021
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    SCOTUS to hear Taco Bell employee's arbitration case

    A key point of contention concerns whether, as the employee claimed, her employer waived its right to arbitration by acting inconsistently with that right.

    By Ryan Golden • Nov. 29, 2021
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    3 ways tipping laws have changed in 2021

    From tipping pools to the 80/20 rule, the U.S. Department of Labor has made major revisions to how tips are calculated, which may pressure operators.

    By Nov. 24, 2021
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    Spencer Platt via Getty Images

    Study: 28% of unvaccinated consumers would consider lying about their status in order to dine out

    While 59% of U.S. consumers support businesses requiring vaccination, 21% do not, according to research from Qualtrics.

    By Nov. 23, 2021
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    Starbucks workers in Arizona petition for a union election

    The growth of Starbucks' union drive may reflect increased labor power in the restaurant industry, visible in one-day strikes in non-union restaurant locations.

    By Nov. 19, 2021
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    Courtesy of Burgerville

    Burgerville negotiates union contract, a first for fast food industry

    The tentative contract took three years to negotiate with Industrial Workers of the World. Union members will vote on ratification by years' end.

    By Nov. 15, 2021
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    dapiki moto. (2020). "New Normal" [Photograph]. Retrieved from Unsplash.

    The restaurant labor crisis in 5 stats

    Data shows how the COVID-19 delta variant erased much of the recovery for operators and drove restaurant worker quit rates to a historic high.

    By Nov. 12, 2021
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    Courtesy of Starbucks

    Starbucks workers allege union busting

    Employees claim the coffee chain violated the National Labor Relations Act two days before former CEO Howard Schultz visited Buffalo ahead of a union vote.

    By Nov. 8, 2021
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    Court stays employer vaccine mandate

    The 5th Circuit ordered the stay due to "grave statutory and constitutional issues with the Mandate."

    By Kathryn Moody • Nov. 8, 2021
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    Anna Moneymaker via Getty Images

    OSHA: Employers have 60 days to mandate COVID-19 vaccines

    It is a monumental — if expected — development for workplaces throughout the U.S. But expect the news on the Emergency Temporary Standard to move fast.

    By Ryan Golden • Updated Nov. 4, 2021
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    Michael M. Santiago via Getty Images

    DoorDash adds delivery worker safety features

    Following increases in theft and violence against its couriers, DoorDash added SafeDash so these workers can contact an ADT agent to request assistance during situations where they feel unsafe.

    By Nov. 4, 2021
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    Permission granted by Southeastern Freight Lines

    NRA pushes Biden admin for supply chain solutions

    Ninety-five percent of restaurants have experienced significant supply delays or shortages of key food items in recent months, according to the National Restaurant Association. 

    By Nov. 2, 2021
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    Spencer Platt via Getty Images

    Survey: 67% of NYC restaurants lost customers to vaccine mandate

    A New York State Restaurant Association study found more than 90% of Big Apple restaurateurs have experienced customer-facing challenges around enforcing the mandate.

    By Nov. 1, 2021
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    Sarah Silbiger via Getty Images

    DOL 80/20 tip rule takes effect Dec. 28

    The updated regulation may raise timekeeping concerns for employers, and the National Restaurant Association argues the rule's timing "couldn't be worse for restaurants."

    By Ryan Golden • Nov. 1, 2021
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    McDonald's workers strike in protest of alleged sexual harassment

    The fast food chain has been embroiled in controversy regarding its culture for some time.

    By Kathryn Moody • Oct. 28, 2021
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    Retrieved from Starbucks on January 27, 2021

    Starbucks will raise hourly wage floor to $15 a year ahead of schedule

    The coffee chain's U.S. workers will be paid $15 to $23 an hour next summer, with an average of nearly $17. 

    By Oct. 28, 2021
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    Joe Raedle via Getty Images

    Labor shortage squeezes Popeyes' late night business

    Staffing challenges led to about an hour reduction in operating times, particularly during evening hours when checks tend to be higher due to more family business, the company said on an earnings call Monday.

    By Oct. 25, 2021
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    Retrieved from Reef on November 04, 2020

    Reef temporarily shuts down modular kitchens in New York City

    The ghost kitchen platform's brick-and-mortar stores are still open in the market, and the modular kitchens were voluntarily closed after permits for those units expired, Reef said in a statement. 

    By Oct. 22, 2021
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    Dia Dipasupil via Getty Images

    NRA urges mayors to support expanded outdoor dining through winter

    Outdoor dining makes up 20% or more of daily sales at 68% of full-service restaurants, but 61% of these operators can only use their outdoor spaces through October, according to the National Restaurant Association. 

    By Oct. 20, 2021
  • In-N-Out refuses to enforce San Francisco's vaccine mandate

    The chain, which is calling the health order government overreach, had to temporarily close its only San Francisco location after it refused to check customers' vaccine statuses. 

    By Oct. 20, 2021
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    Maja Hitij via Getty Images

    Report: Takeout and delivery orders expected to increase into the holiday season

    Almost two-thirds of diners said they will consider ordering in instead of dining out as the holidays approach, citing their fears of the COVID-19 delta variant, according to a BentoBox survey.

    By Oct. 19, 2021
  • McDonald's US corporate stores reach gender pay parity

    The burger giant currently pays women globally 99.85 cents on the dollar for similar work completed by men, but expects to hit pay parity worldwide in 2022.

    By Oct. 19, 2021
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    Tim Boyle via Getty Images

    The key to a successful holiday season will be flexible staffing

    For small employers, flexibility and adjustable hours are factors to compete on now that workers' demands are changing, writes Sumir Meghani, CEO and co-founder of Instawork.

    By Sumir Meghani • Oct. 18, 2021
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    Joe Raedle via Getty Images

    BLS: Hospitality worker quit rate is more than double national average

    Over 890,000 workers left the industry in August, marking a quit rate of 6.8%, and Moody's reports that restaurants will be "forced to increase wages."

    By Oct. 13, 2021
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    Spencer Platt via Getty Images

    61% of restaurant operators disagree with vaccine mandate, study shows

    Fifty-nine percent of operators believe employees will quit rather than comply with the requirement, but a majority also believe the mandate will make diners more comfortable.

    By Oct. 10, 2021