Tracking coronavirus restaurant aid by state

From grants to loans, states across the country have deployed emergency funds that can help restaurants as they make dramatic shifts to their operations to try to keep workers employed and kitchens open.

Editor's Note: Restaurant Dive tracked restaurant aid in April 2020 prior to the rollout and dissemination of Paycheck Protection Program loans. Consider this a snapshot of state aid during the pandemic across the country that month.

As the restaurant industry gets hit by COVID-19, organizations throughout the U.S. — from the National Restaurant Association to Independent Restaurant Coalition — have scrambled to raise money to keep small businesses afloat. The federal government stepped in on March 27 with its $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, which restaurant operators have called a good first step in easing the burden as customers stay home and dining rooms shutter.

But what other financial help is available to restaurants? Restaurant Dive is tracking government funding on the state level — both grants and loans — that can be used to help pay employees and landlords, train staff and upgrade technology as they shift business models.

Note: This listing does not include federally funded aid and loans offered through the CARES Act or the Small Business Administration.

State aid for restaurants

Each state is colored based on the type of aid provided for restaurants. Click on a state to read more about what aid is provided, who is eligible and how to apply.

states provide grants and loans
states provide only grants
states provide only loans
states provide no aid