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    Recent PPP changes offer restaurants hope, but calls for industry aid continue

    The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act and streamlined loan forgiveness applications make the federal safety net easier for operators to use without penalty, but critics argue that key needs are still unaddressed. 

    Emma Liem Beckett • June 24, 2020
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    Permission granted by Farmers Restaurant Group

    DC restaurants: Reopening patios amid COVID-19, protests like juggling 'flaming knives'

    The District's restaurant scene is emblematic — perhaps in extremes — of the tumultuous environment that operators across the country are fighting to survive in.

    Emma Liem Beckett • June 11, 2020
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    John Hazard and Lisa Burdige

    Why QSRs must move past competitive sparring in the COVID-19 era

    After years of hijacking each other's campaigns and snarky social media posts, marketers in the category will need to find new tones and tactics as coronavirus upends their business model.

    Chris Kelly • May 22, 2020
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    Permission granted by WIng Zone

    Third-party vs. direct delivery: Debate reaches boiling point amid coronavirus

    There's no restaurant roadmap to survive dining room closures. But one thing is certain: pick the wrong off-premise game plan when the stakes are this high, and it could gut your bottom line.

    Emma Liem Beckett • May 7, 2020
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    More funding won't fix PPP, restaurant experts say

    The Paycheck Protection Program began accepting applications for its second round of funding Monday. But restaurants that already scored loans from the first round are afraid to cash in thanks to its vague and evolving stipulations.

    Emma Liem Beckett • Updated April 27, 2020
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    Permission granted by Beast Restaurant

    Independent restaurants grapple with layoffs, but fight to survive

    Establishments like Beast in Oregon and Agave Uptown in California talk about the devastating decisions to let employees go or furlough staff during coronavirus.

    Julie Littman • April 14, 2020
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    John Hazard/Restaurant Dive

    Brands recalibrate to community-building during quarantine

    Social distancing mandates upended in-person activations, leading brands like Chipotle to get creative with cultivating connections online. But can they sustain momentum once the pandemic subsides?

    Natalie Koltun • April 7, 2020
  • 5 things to know about the new coronavirus paid leave law

    A number of small businesses are "despondent," one source told HR Dive. But there's hope the federal government could soften the the law's impact.

    Ryan Golden • March 30, 2020
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    The image by MIKI Yoshihito is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Coronavirus decimates restaurant profits, but financial safety nets exist

    Restaurants forced to close are left with few options to keep the lights on, but experts suggest negotiating with third parties to figure out where they can get a break is one place to start.

    Julie Littman • March 26, 2020
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    Park, Rachel. (2017). [Photograph]. Retrieved from

    2020 is the year of the breakfast wars

    Chains like Wendy's, McDonald's, Dunkin', Starbucks and Panera have expanded menu offerings for breakfast to capture growing demand for the daypart.

    Julie Littman • March 9, 2020
  • Will loyalty programs gain renewed value in a cookie-less era?

    Brands from Red Lobster to Sephora are revisiting their rewards strategies amid tighter ad-targeting restrictions and greater demands for data privacy.

    Shane Schick • March 5, 2020
  • How restaurants are taking control of delivery in 2020

    With doubts swirling over delivery's long-term profitability, this year will be marked by more restaurants renegotiating commission rates, developing branded online ordering and adding virtual kitchen options.

    Julie Littman • Jan. 31, 2020
  • 5 restaurant trends that will define 2020

    Analysts predict that ghost restaurants and lifestyle brand campaigns will continue to evolve and shape the market, but Gen Z's influence and interest in micro chains could disrupt the ecosystem.

    Julie Littman and Emma Liem Beckett • Jan. 6, 2020
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    Photo illustration by Michelle Rock/Grocery Dive; photographs via Getty Images

    From food halls to ghost kitchens, collaboration is on the menu for grocers and restaurants

    While both can siphon dollars from the other, the right partnerships could boost operational efficiencies, drive brand awareness and elevate food offerings.

    Jeff Wells • Nov. 21, 2019
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    Photo illustration by Michelle Rock/Grocery Dive; photographs via Getty Images

    Restaurants are creeping into grab-and-go. Should grocers worry?

    Grocers have traditionally owned the space, but fast casuals and QSRs, from Panera to Starbucks, are edging in as customer demand for convenience drives growth.

    Krishna Thakker and Jessica Dumont • Nov. 20, 2019
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    Photo illustration by Michelle Rock/Restaurant Dive; photographs via Getty Images

    Delivery from aisle 5: How grocers are threatening restaurants' off-premise business

    Grocery and convenience stores are delivering meals via third-party platforms, but may not have the right expertise and menus in place to compete with restaurants — yet.

    Julie Littman • Nov. 19, 2019
  • The ins and outs of simpler brand identities

    Dunkin', Starbucks and KFC have streamlined their logos, but delivering a short and simple brand identity isn't without risks.

    Dianna Christe • Nov. 14, 2019
  • A new kind of ghost restaurant is brewing

    Uber Eats and Grubhub have leveraged Rachael Ray and Bon Appetit's star power to grow their virtual kitchen footprints. But will these concepts last beyond 15 minute of fame?​

    Alicia Kelso • Oct. 31, 2019
  • Grubhub revisits non-partnered listings as rivals erode its market share

    More restaurants could find themselves offering delivery whether they want to or not with Grubhub's latest strategy to grow listings, a move analysts say was forced by DoorDash's dominance. 

    Julie Littman • Oct. 31, 2019
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    Yuijin Kim, Industry Dive

    Passport to success: How restaurants can make international expansion work

    From Popeyes to Wendy's, U.S. QSRs are crowding foreign markets in places like China and the Middle East. Check out our interactive maps to see how many stores they've planted overseas and learn about the strategies needed to expand abroad.

    Julie Littman • Oct. 21, 2019
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    Kendall Davis, Industry Dive

    AI could define the future of restaurants. What happens when it fails?

    Twenty-five percent of companies report up to a 50% failure rate for their AI projects, according to an IDC survey, a phenomenon that poses privacy threats for diners and reputational risks for restaurants. 

    Alicia Kelso • Oct. 9, 2019
  • Delivery profit is elusive. Are hybrid models the answer?

    Restaurant execs are challenging the idea that standard third-party partnerships are key to survival in today’s market, but even non-traditional off-premise systems come with obstacles. 

    Emma Liem Beckett • Oct. 2, 2019
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    Football and franchising: What former NFL players can teach restaurateurs

    Running a successful restaurant requires a playbook. Here are the strategies retired professional athletes are using to score big in the industry.

    Julie Littman • Oct. 1, 2019
  • How 5 Bay Area restaurateurs are surviving rising operating costs

    Real estate pressures and a chef shortage are forcing restaurants to find creative solutions — like covering workers' Uber rides and having chefs serve diners — to protect their bottom lines and retain talent.

    Rosie Bradbury • Sept. 3, 2019
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    Choice Market

    Bowled over: Grocers embrace latest foodservice trend

    As more Americans enjoy food bowls, retailers are challenging restaurants with their diverse offerings, including delivery, local sourcing and customization. 

    Jessica Dumont • July 16, 2019