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  • Why restaurants need to prepare for another government shutdown

    To avoid staggering traffic declines, major chains with locations in Washington, D.C. should plan to adjust supply chains and test geofenced promotions, says Factual CMO Brian Czarny. 

    Brian Czarny • April 5, 2019
  • Forecasting for the future: What restaurants need to calculate

    Restaurants can no longer rely on just historical data to predict demand, and should carefully examine labor and inventory to grow efficiency, says Fourth CTO Christian Berthelsen.

    Christian Berthelsen • March 20, 2019
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    California Tortilla

    Restaurants don't have to choose between environmental responsibility and their bottom line

    Buying local and investing in automated inventory systems can help businesses reduce food waste and save money at the same time, Upserve SEO manager Seth Steinman says.

    Seth Steinman • March 15, 2019
  • Restaurants need to incorporate apps to keep a seat at the table

    As ordering online increases, eateries need to change their strategies related to customer flow, menus, real estate and data, says Ritual CEO Ray Reddy. 

    Ray Reddy • March 4, 2019
  • How in-house delivery gives Jimmy John's greater control

    The sandwich chain's refusal to team with third-party services allows it to focus on quality food and service, ShiftPixy CEO Scott Absher writes.  

    Scott Absher • Feb. 15, 2019
  • 6 keys for retaining employees through better scheduling

    Kristi Turner, CMO of restaurant management software firm Compeat, believes developing a standard schedule style and improving schedule forecasts are strong first steps toward better employee retention. 

    Kristi Turner • Feb. 14, 2019
  • Food for thought: Combating rising restaurant labor costs

    Restaurants need to focus on retention, menu engineering and new technologies to better manage rising wages, says BDO's Adam Berebitsky.

    Adam Berebitsky • Feb. 5, 2019
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    Burger King

    What Super Bowl advertiser Burger King can learn from Wendy's 'win' last year

    Location data shows that the triumph could have been even bigger, according to Factual CMO Brian Czarny. 

    Brian Czarny • Feb. 1, 2019
  • Why restaurants should switch to EMV chip card tech

    Businesses that still rely on magnetic stripe payment systems are at risk of fraud and increased chargeback payments, according to Tidal Commerce CEO Drew Sementa. 

    Drew Sementa • Jan. 29, 2019
  • Chicken with a side of facts: Information-hungry consumers expect more

    Tom Super, senior vice president of communications at the National Chicken Council, said diners are rightfully asking more questions about how food is grown and raised.

    Tom Super • Jan. 28, 2019
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    Brian Tucker

    Putting pizza delivery apps to the test

    Restaurant Dive reviewed ordering technology from Domino's, Pizza Hut and Papa John's to see if they are worth the investment or just a marketing gimmick.

    Emma Liem Beckett and Julie Littman • Jan. 14, 2019
  • Make using mobile location data your New Year's marketing resolution

    Understanding customer behavior and where they go before and after a visit can better improve a restaurant's marketing, Cuebiq's Brad Piggott says. 

    Brad Piggott • Jan. 2, 2019
  • How to achieve true customer loyalty

    John Larson & Co. senior partner John Larson says new loyalty programs like Chipotle's should do more for restaurants than just offer customers discounts. 

    John Larson • Dec. 20, 2018
  • Faster, better, smarter: Why restaurants need AI now

    Absolutdata co-founder and CEO Anil Kaul discusses why now is the best time to integrate machine learning into restaurant operations and how it will benefit profit margins. 

    Anil Kaul • Dec. 19, 2018
  • How your restaurant can prepare for a crisis

    Uproar PR CEO Catriona Harris warns that if brands don't take control of the narrative when things go wrong, the narrative will control them.

    Catriona Harris • Dec. 12, 2018
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    Guillermo Fernandes, Flickr

    The future of food is digital

    Stephen Chau, head of product at Uber Eats, shares the ways he predicts restaurants will be transformed by technology.

    Stephen Chau • Dec. 10, 2018
  • What risks restaurants should consider before deploying AI, robotics and automation

    Establishments need to balance the benefits of new technologies with the legal challenges and resistance from both the public and staff, write Matt Scherer, Jennifer Robinson and Daniella Adler of Littler Mendelson.  

    Matt Scherer, Jennifer Robinson and Daniella Adler • Nov. 16, 2018