MegaMex Foods Debuts TRES COCINAS™ Authentic Pepper Pastes

April 15, 2021

A New Foodservice-exclusive Brand That Delivers Authentic Mexican Flavor Without the Back of House Hassle

APRIL 6, 2021 -  ORANGE, CALIF. - As restaurant chefs and operators look for ways to simplify kitchen labor and expand flavor options for people who crave dining-out excitement, MegaMex Foods announces a new brand, TRES COCINAS™, featuring a remarkable, labor-saving line of pepper pastes that bring authentic Mexican flavors to any menu.

The new TRES COCINAS™ brand is the first foodservice-exclusive brand from MegaMex Foods, makers of the WHOLLY®, LA VICTORIA® and HERDEZ® brands, among others. The brand name “TRES COCINAS™” translates to “three kitchens” and is derived from three different MegaMex Foods research and development kitchens located in Mexico City, Mexico, Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas. MegaMex Foods culinary professionals worked to develop and perfect these truly original pastes – including gathering valuable flavor and performance feedback from a panel of well-established chef-operators.

“This new brand fully aligns with our purpose to reimagine Mexican flavors in both foodservice and retail,” said Ryan Michaelis, president and chief executive officer at MegaMex Foods. “These pepper pastes were created to bring incredible flavor, authenticity, convenience and menu-wide versatility to restaurant kitchens everywhere.”

MegaMex Foods applied its expertise in Mexican cuisines and years of experience with chiles to perfect every detail of these pepper pastes, including the consistency, versatility, heat levels and packaging. TRES COCINAS™ Authentic Pepper Pastes are made with genuine ingredients, like ancho, pasilla, guajillo and chipotle peppers – perfectly blended with subtle accent flavors. All peppers have seen double digit growth in menu penetration over the past four years.* Specifically, ancho peppers are up 23%, chipotle +10%, guajillo +30% and pasilla peppers +19%.* Culinary professionals can now get all the bold flavor of peppers by simply squeezing a resealable pouch instead of spending hours dicing, pureeing and mixing peppers from scratch.

“With just a squeeze, chefs now have immediate access to truly authentic Mexican flavors, at various spice levels,” said Dan Burrows, consulting chef for MegaMex Foods. “We’ve made it much easier to layer-in additional, adventurous flavor, while opening a new door to menu creativity.”

These innovative, time-saving pepper pastes make it easy for operators, chefs and other kitchen professionals to add bold, balanced and complex flavors to their menu in items like sauces, salsas, side dishes, soups, stews, marinades, glazes and dressings, as well as cocktails and desserts. Each of the three pepper paste varieties arrives in a convenient seven-ounce resealable pouch which delivers concentrated, ready-to-use flavor that goes a long way in saving time in the back-of-house.

The TRES COCINAS™ product line will include three flavors:

* Chipotle with Adobo Authentic Pepper Paste – balance of smoke and spice.

* Guajillo Authentic Pepper Paste – slightly sweet with hints of berries.

* Ancho & Pasilla Authentic Pepper Paste – hints of dark chocolate and dried fruit.

All three varieties are gluten free and Kosher.

To request a sample or learn more about these authentic pepper pastes, visit online. All three products are available now through DOT Foods: Chipotle with Adobo – DOT Item#730175, Guajillo – DOT Item#730176, Ancho & Pasilla – DOT Item#730177.

*Sourced from Datassential MenuTrends 2020.