New Indoor/Outdoor Upholstery Fabric Cleans Better, Stays Beautiful Longer

Posted Dec 10, 2020

Serge Ferrari introduces the softest, most durable, woven outdoor upholstery fabric in the industry – Batyline® Elios. This fabric delivers the same technical properties that have made the Batyline range a success for over 3 decades, including dimensional stability, easy maintenance, and resistance to UV, mold, tearing and fading. However, Batyline Elios goes a step further with its distinctive and patented weave that provides the same soft look and feel as indoor textiles.

Available in 10 colors, Batyline Elios is highly flexible and ideal for any outdoor upholstered seating, including sofas, chairs, garden furniture and cushions. In performance testing, the fabric withstood more than 600,000 double rubs (ASTM D4157 Wyzenbeek) classifying it as a heavy duty fabric.  Batyline Elios is also fire retardant to some of the strictest standards (IMO, Cal TB 117) making it perfect for hospitality, public space and cruise ship seating. Spills have been proven to be easily cleaned, including red wine, suntan lotion, chocolate, mustard, ketchup, and vinegar. Even encrusted stains can be easily removed using soapy water and a cloth.

Sold through Reliatex, Batyline Elios is phthalate-free, GreenGuard certified for indoor air quality and available in 55 inch wide rolls. Batyline Elios may be sewn or welded, has a 5 year warranty for performance, and, as with all Serge Ferrari composite materials, is recyclable at the end of its service life.



About Serge Ferrari

Serge Ferrari is a leading manufacturer of flexible composite membranes used globally for the solar protection, architectural, building façade, acoustics, modular structure, marine, furniture and visual communication markets. For the last 45 years, Serge Ferrari has paved the way for sustainable construction, energy control, protection and renewal of natural resources and design through its cutting-edge technology, including its patented Précontraint® technology that ensures exceptional long term durability through dimensional stability. For more information, visit the company website: