Affordable Seating’s Web Redesign Allows for Better and Faster Online Shopping

Posted Nov 06, 2019

Online restaurant furniture vendor Affordable Seating is happy to announce a site overhaul which is in keeping with Affordable Seating’s top business objective of keeping their customers happy by making their restaurant furniture purchase experience as pleasant and smooth as possible.


Trying to find the right furniture for your restaurant or other commercial venue can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to examine nook and cranny but you also need to measure your available space and decide what items to order, how many you need, as well as where to place them. Understandably, this can be frustrating and often time consuming. Dedicated to meeting their customers’ needs, Affordable Seating has launched its recently redesigned website to deliver their enhanced customer support and expertise to shoppers from the convenience of their computer or mobile.  The new site saves you precious time by presenting more information and detailed images about the product you are interested in without having to search for it. For example, this Premium US made ladder back wood chair.


Affordable Seating’s redesigned website gives you an all-inclusive product description, specifications and pricing right at your fingertips. There are no hidden costs or surprises. Everything is transparent. The website’s redesign includes features, new tools, and more detailed images with close up of materials and build with the purpose of making online shopping for restaurant furniture easier by using a more user-friendly and visual interface. The redesign is based on users’ feedback, modern web design trends, and testing for the most user-friendly tools for both mobile and desktop.


Customers who visit Affordable Seating’s redesigned site can browse and price out the items before adding them to the shopping cart such as this bar height aluminum patio table. As one reviewer said: "the newly designed page has more detailed pictures and description, giving me a better insight of the product”. According to another customer’s testimony: “It looked like it's going to let me buy the table with only a couple clicks, I feel like that's better than 90% of websites already."


With their new and improved easier-to-use website, customers can get instant pricing, configure items and even contact Affordable Seating directly for assistance with their online purchases and seating layout plans. The redesigned website allows you to take advantage of easy and fast online shopping with just a scroll of the mouse!


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