Posted Jun 17, 2019

SPRiZZi Drink-Co., the world’s leading eco-friendly beverage system, introduces today a new line of crafted sodas called 1767 Craft Soda. The new premium, limited-edition sodas are available in twelve flavor combinations nationwide, and are made with all-natural ingredients, containing 100 percent natural cane sugar.


The flavor combinations feature an unexpected twist on traditional flavors, including Blue’s Cola, Blue’s Cola Lite, Dr. Spicer, Dr. Spicer Lite, Lemon Fizz, Lemon Fizz Lite, Mountain Rain, Mountain Rain Lite, Old Fashioned Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Root Beer Lite, and Vanilla Bean Cream Soda. Each 8 oz. serving contains 80 to 120 calories and is free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or azo dyes.


The launch of 1767, the year that Joseph Priestly, philosopher and chemist who discovered he could infuse water with carbon dioxide, is the result of the success and strong demand of SPRiZZi's Nancy May's, the brand's signature line of 100% natural teas, lemonades, and juices.


“The definition of health is changing from desiring low/no-fat and -sugar, to ‘real’ or unadulterated ingredients,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Breault. "Craft and natural sodas provide new flavor experiences, including blends of fruits, spices and herbs, while hitting naturally sweetened and premium ingredient trends. In addition to the new product launch, SPRiZZi is committed to evolving with our customers as demand for healthier sodas that contain high-quality ingredients grows. Both the 1767 and Nancy May's lines continue to show our commitment to better meeting our changing customer’s needs while expanding the company’s footprint into new markets with its new on-trend offerings. This is part of an evolution, and we will continue down these paths in our ongoing efforts to improve our products.”


The 1767 craft soda launch comes on the heels of SPRiZZi Drink-Co. receiving a $100 million investment initiative from the government of Rugao, China and introducing their direct-dealer program​. Additionally, the company appointed former Coca Cola Enterprises, Inc. executives, Tim Goff as President and Bob Relf, as Chief Operating Officer (COO), who will help further establish SPRiZZi Drink-Co.’s presence in the beverage industry and expand into new territories, while diversifying its product offerings.


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About SPRiZZi Drink-Co.

SPRiZZi Drink-Co. was founded by Michael and Mark Breault. The company is focused on the manufacturing, marketing and sales of single serve cold drink products. SPRiZZi Drink-Co., which has a unique patent on its product and more pending, markets and sells both drink machine and flavor cartridges. The company sells its products worldwide and is developing additional cold serve products to serve both office and home markets. SPRiZZi Drink-Co. collects revenue on the purchases of SPRiZZi Drink-Co. cold drink machines and flavor bullets. For more information, visit