Off-premise initiatives

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has proven that off-premise is a vital part of the restaurant industry.

Those that already offered takeout, delivery and drive-thru were able to continue operations even when their dining rooms were forced to close. While 86% of franchisees surveyed by TD Bank said they offered delivery and online ordering pre-pandemic, 72% implemented enhancements across these channels during the pandemic.  

Others had to quickly adapt. Full-service chains Fogo de Chao and STK developed off-premise channels that they say can help capture the in-store restaurant experience. STK adapted its menu to provide more takeout- and delivery-friendly items, and also now offers guests access to STK Radio for them to listen to music they would hear in the dining room. 

But even before the pandemic hit, restaurants were undergoing a transformation due to the growth of online ordering, which increased 23% annually from 2013 to 2018. Mobile ordering has resulted in fewer people dining in and chains have responded by designating areas for takeout and delivery, reducing the overall size of their restaurants and expanding into ghost kitchens and host kitchens. Firehouse Subs and Famous Dave’s, for example, built smaller restaurants to accommodate more takeout orders, while Moe’s Southwest Grill opened an all-digital, kiosk-only location in early 2020. 

This report explores key aspects of the off-premise segment, including:

  • How the pandemic accelerated the U.S. ghost kitchen market
  • How 5 QSRs are designing their restaurants to optimize for off-premise
  • The growth of host kitchens and what restaurants need to know before launching one
  • What full-service chains like Fogo de Chao and STK did to pivot to off-premise
  • Why one independent restaurant chose to renovate during the pandemic 
  • Technologies chains are adopting to improve curbside pickup
  • Whether the ghost kitchen segment will define the restaurant industry’s future
  • The debate over third-party versus direct delivery

These are just a few of the many trends shaping the off-premise segment. We hope you enjoy this deep dive into today’s landscape.

Julie Littman Reporter

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