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For independent restaurants, the pandemic has been a test of survival. Operators already running on razor-thin margins were forced to close their dining rooms in March 2020 following state-mandated stay-at-home orders. Some were nimble enough to switch operations to takeout, delivery and curbside, while others simply shut their doors. Over 90,000 restaurants closed either permanently or long-term, according to the National Restaurant Association. 

In an industry built on in-person interactions and long-term relationships with customers, the COVID-19 crisis was a serious blow to the hearts and minds of many independent operators. But many adapted, leaning into technology, creating takeout and grab-and-go options and partnering with third-party delivery aggregators to stay afloat.  

With vaccine rates on the rise, dining room restrictions easing and people returning to restaurants in droves, independents are experiencing sales growth they haven’t seen in over a year. But this is creating a new problem: there isn’t enough labor to keep up with demand. With too few employees on hand, especially in the back-of-house, operators aren’t able to return to pre-pandemic hours, and existing labor is at risk of burnout. Restaurants that have maintained a positive work environment are reaping the benefits of high retention rates, however.

This report covers key strategies for independent operators as well as the challenges they face as they move into recovery mode:

  • How independent operators adjusted to off-premise during the pandemic
  • The impact the Restaurant Revitalization Fund will have on the industry
  • How restaurants are using technology to offer contactless payment options
  • How the ongoing labor shortage is squeezing full-service restaurants
  • Why retention is key to keeping restaurants fully staffed

We hope you enjoy this deep dive into how independent operators are working toward a new normal after an uncertain time.

Julie Littman Reporter

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