The growth of in-store technology at restaurants

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Before the pandemic, restaurants tapped in-store technology to reduce labor costs and create better marketing tools, but it wasn't as prevalent as off-premise solutions. That changed once the COVID-19 crisis hit. One in four foodservice retailers said their companies were early tech adopters at the end of 2020 compared to one in eight pre-pandemic, according to a Panasonic report. All of the respondents said the pandemic escalated urgency to adopt transformational technology. 

As dining rooms reopened following months-long closures, in-store technology has taken on a new purpose. Tabletop tech, such as tablets and QR codes, for example can allow guests to order and pay for their meals with little contact with their servers. Other operators are exploring high-tech air filtration and surface cleaning technologies to make diners more comfortable. 

It's not just the dining room that is getting a technology overhaul. Operators are adopting machine learning and predictive analytics to better understand their labor costs and improve scheduling. Smart technology in kitchens can alert managers if a freezer unit went out overnight. Robotics are also increasingly being used to work alongside employees at QSRs like White Castle and McDonald's.

This report covers key in-store innovations as restaurants continue to adapt, including:

  • How restaurants are leveraging contactless payment solutions at the table
  • Why many operators plan to deploy automation technology in the next few years
  • Increased adoption of digital menus and "transformational" tech during the pandemic
  • Why the cooking robotics segment is expected to be worth $322 million by 2028
  • Why QSR customers are preferring to interact with staff instead of technology

These are just a few of the ways restaurants are bringing technology into their stores. We hope you enjoy this deep dive on how technology is changing restaurant dining rooms and kitchens. 

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  • How artificial intelligence is transforming the back-of-house experience
  • Why the cooking robotics segment is expected to be worth $322 million by 2028
  • 88% of restaurants considering swapping to digital menus, survey says
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